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TOP 5 Ideas For Using Scrapers

TOP 5 Ideas For Using Scrapers

Let’s say you need to find a pizza recipe. What will you do first? Most likely, you will take a smartphone or sit down at a computer, open a search engine and enter the query you are interested in. What’s next? You will have to study several pages of the results of the issue in search of the most suitable way to prepare this dish.

But what if you need not one but a hundred recipes with pictures and instructions? Or a complete list of cafes in your city with fresh pizza delivery? Fortunately, you can do this not manually but with the help of special scripts that scan sites for the information you need and save it to databases automatically.

Before You Start Parsing

Finding something you need from a huge amount of information by hand is unrealistic. Tools called parsers have been developed for more detailed information gathering. These are special scripts that “comb” all the site pages and save only the information you need.

“Robots” work on the principle of search engines, analyzing the page’s code and marking the data you need under the pre-set search parameters. Next, internal algorithms extract and structure the data, compiling a report file in the form of a spreadsheet or database exported to the analytics system.

TOP 5 Parsing Ideas

A parser is a universal tool. After all, based on the received data, it is possible to carry out various analyses and research directed at improving your business.


In search optimization with the help of parsing tools, extract:

  • Data on the rating of company sites;
  • Keywords for building a semantic core;
  • Content not protected by copyright;
  • Images from the areas of manufacturers and suppliers.

In other words, the parser will gather a lot of valuable data for the analytics needed to raise your project to the top of search engines.

Social Media Monitoring

A web scraper manages a company’s reputation (SERM). After all, with the correct setup, it can track the appearance of reviews of goods or services, including – through social networks. In other words, the daily parsing of pages on social networks helps to quickly identify the negative and timely response to dissatisfaction with the audience.

Price Monitoring

Prices are what can attract or scare away a customer. Therefore, any business needs to maintain a balance. And scraping will help with this as best you can. After all, with the correct configuration of the script, you can get information about supplier prices, markups of competitors, the minimum and maximum retail value of goods, prices for various services, etc.

Target Audience Analysis

If you do not know who will buy your product, the probability of high demand for it is zero. Therefore, an entrepreneur needs to gather basic information about his audience: gender, age, marital status, occupation, etc.

Financial Statistics

Were it not for investment, most of the products we use today would not have seen the light of day. Therefore, collecting financial data can make your business more profitable. Knowing what customers want to see on shelves or in-store catalogs or what products they are tired of, you can increase the company’s turnover tenfold.

In terms of cost, using ready-made parsers may seem expensive. To some extent, this is the case when quality is always worth the money.

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