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Web Scraping Guide For Scraper API

Web Scraping Guide For Scraper API

In fact, if you want to collect data from the site, you need to understand the site’s structure and either create your solution. There is also an opportunity to use a flexible and customizable version of the ready-made solution – Scraper API.

You don’t need to invent the wheel here: many packages like Scraper API are likely to suit you. An alternative method of obtaining site data is API calls. Interacting with the API is a way that the site owner officially provides to retrieve data directly from the Database or regular files. This usually requires permission from the site owner and a unique token. Find more information here.

Real examples:

  • There are various reasons and options for using Scraper API. Let us list some of them:
  • Data collection from the e-shop page to determine if the clothes you want to buy are available at a discount;
  • Compare the prices of several clothing brands by collecting data on them from web pages;
  • The cost of air tickets can change several times during the day. You can scan the website and wait for the price to be reduced;
  • Analyze websites to determine whether the starting sale price should be low or high to attract more bidders or whether the auction duration correlates with the higher cost of the final sale price.


Meets a separate ready-to-use tool called Scraper API, which exports data to various formats, creates log files, etc.

It is a relatively flexible and customizable option: running individual scrapers on different processes, disabling cookies (some sites use cookies to identify bots), and setting download delays (the website can be overloaded due to the vast number of scan requests).

Legal Considerations

Scraping can violate the copyright or rules of the site when used to make a profit, competitive advantage, or damage (for example, due to too frequent requests). However, scraping is publicly available and used for personal, educational, or harmless, non-commercial use.

If the data is paid, requires registration, has explicit protection against scraping, and contains confidential or personal data of users, you should avoid any type of scraping.

General Rules

Before you start scraping, make sure you can use APIs. Scraper APIs provide easier and faster (and legitimate) data retrieval than other tools.

If you bind a lot of data, that’s a good idea to use the database to analyze the data obtained from the Internet quickly.

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